Dr Jamie Wilson


Hometouch founder and CEO Dr Jamie Wilson started his career as a psychiatrist and dementia specialist at Imperial College. He set up Hometouch in 2015 as a solution for families struggling to find reliable home care. The company’s mission to delay the progress of dementia, by proactively helping people maintain brain health, enabling the three million people in the UK with cognitive impairment have more active and fulfilling lives.

Hometouch is a live-in care platform and is developing a data-driven and preventative approach to dementia care - using digital journals and natural language processing to offer predictive models of care for those caring for people living with dementia.

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How technology, data and a focus on dementia prevention can help relieve the social care burden

This talk will look at Hometouch’s use of digital technology and artificial intelligence to focus on dementia prevention. It will explore how routinely collected social care data can be transformed into changes in behaviour and preventative strategies to empower care workers with the knowledge and skills to improve the lives of patients and relieve the burden of social care on the NHS and our communities.


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