Sylvia Bryden-Stock

Carers Coaching Academy

A successful and varied Nursing Career including community and specialty nursing, cancer counseling. Success in the Medical Sales and Marketing Arena plus Care Home Management.

Migration to the Holistic arena and becoming an Accredited Master Coach. Facing personal experience as a carer for her husband with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease led to the publishing of two books The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons and The Rocky Road of 24/7 Care along with videos offering short tips for carers based on her own journey.

Carers Coaching Academy Ltd was established in 2016 with the development of revolutionary and unique Emotional Coaching Programs. Involvement with the care home where her husband resides as well as the local community and care home group, led to her receiving the North West Surrey Inspirational Volunteer Award for 2018.

It is Sylvia’s passion through Carers Coaching Academy to help carers as they ace the roller coaster of emotions and challenges associated with being a carer, whether professional or personal.

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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Caring - Are There Solutions?

Considering typical emotions that arise for both professional and personal carers, especially in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Arena. Looking at the power of marrying emotional coaching and induction training with unique, systemised, solutions based coaching that generates
positive outcomes to maximises staff retention and commitment for professional carers.
For personal carers - The power of emotional support programs that enhance their ability to find inner calm in times of challenge.


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