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Stand Number: D770

MySense is a platform that ingests, analyses, and learns patterns of behaviour from fixed and wearable sensor data to help identify triggers for wellbeing decline in a customer/patient, or identify immediate care needs.

Our platform analyses data from the devices and shares both insight and real-time alerts with anyone each user consents to share their data with.

The platform collects the data from the devices and runs stream analytics and machine learning algorithms against it. The algorithms are constantly churning away across the new and old data looking for patterns and anomalies.

MySense empowers people to live a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that they live to their full potential whatever their condition, mobility or age. No more ugly black boxes, reactive technologies or ill-conceived ideas. For too long health and care has been a showcase for a technique or a technology, and so-called `innovation` has forgotten to talk to the end user or empathise with their context in order to build something better.