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After completing my service within the armed forces I decided to embark on the route of compliance, to deliver mandatory work place courses such as 'First Aid at Work'.

Within this field I was drawn to the attention of 'Mental Health' with in a work place and how much financial deficit is due to not having a system in place to identify the early signs and symptoms.

There is still a huge amount of stigma with regards to 'Mental Health" not just within a work place but within our own social circles, its the stigma that prevents individuals seeking the correct help, this is also contributed by peer pressure through work colleagues due to work load or again in their own social circles.

It has been documented that 1 in 6.8 individuals will experience mental health problems with the work place.

12.7 of sickness days within the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.

Introducing a work place intervention in the form of an employee could actually see the work place gain a financial profit rather than loss.

Engaging an intravension in a workplace at the early stages, the route for a quicker recovery could have been presented for both the individual and the business.

I am now a qualified Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor, even after gaining alternate mental health qualifications prior to attending this course I was surprised on how much sometimes we choose to ignore the obvious signs till such time it effects us, but also pray that it wont.

We all suffer through an element of mental health in some shape or form, its whether its managed, if not managed, its not being diagnosed.

Where there is HOPE, recovery is possible, we need to install the HOPE through our workplace, friends family and social circles.

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