How can we promote sustainability of the social care sector?


Opinions on the £240 million cash injection into social care - announced by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care earlier this month - have been heavily featured throughout the news this month. Most of the feedback, whilst appreciative that Matt Hancock has recognised the need for funding, has suggested a more sustainable solution is required.

To quote The Times, ‘it’s not all about money.’ This line was also taken by the Local Government Association who rightly addressed the need for sustainability, saying ‘councils and providers cannot simply turn services on and off as funding ebbs and flows.’

Difficulty identifying a sustainable solution has meant that in years gone by, the government have relied on unsustainable one off injections of new funding, transfers from the NHS or the re-prioritisation of existing funding. However, it has become increasingly apparent that more cash alone will not solve the problem of our aging population. Whilst it is undeniable that more funding is needed to fill the £3.5bn funding gap expected by 2025, it is short-sightedness that has left the social care sector with so many of the current problems.

Moreover, funding is only one of the many issues we are facing in creating a sustainable social care sector. With Brexit looming, the sustainability of the care workforce has been called into question. Care Home Professional released the results of a survey earlier this month which showed that almost 85% of those surveyed think that Brexit will ‘have a significant impact on the social care workforce.’ This was further compounded by an admission that 41% of care homes surveyed thought they had not done enough to recruit non-EU workers. This news comes after a BBC report in September showed that ‘110,000 jobs in adult care in England are left vacant, a rise of 22,000 in a year.’ The workforce situation has become so essential to the ‘sustainable social care’ conversation, that the Department of Health and Social Care have announced they will run a recruitment campaign similar to that of the NHS campaign that ran earlier this year. Yet the question remains, how can we solve the workforce crisis?

The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo are passionate about providing a nationwide platform dedicated to the sustainability of social care, which will always have the care of service users and the workforce at the heart.

The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo has dedicated an entire theatre to training, with CPD seminars concentrating on a multitude of topics which will enable social care providers to improve the level of care their workforce can provide. Whilst expert led masterclasses offering complimentary training will also run throughout both days. Having also partnered with the National Association of Care & Support Workers the event promises to approach different outlooks on a solution to the social care workforce crisis. You can register for your complimentary ticket by visiting

Our aging population also means that care facilities are struggling to accommodate demand and maintain a high level of care. This was exemplified in the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care report which showed that 26% of care providers decreased in rating from Outstanding to either Good (13%), Requires Improvement (11%) or Inadequate (3%). The growth of social care businesses is instrumental to the progression and sustainability of the sector - the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo recognises this. This event is dedicated to growing social care businesses so care homes and domiciliary care providers can accommodate the rise in demand, but also maintain a high standard of care. Theatres concentrating on care development and business growth will host a multitude of CPD seminars enabling social care business owners and decision makers to expand, evolve and innovate their business.

Running on the 26th & 27th March at NEC, Birmingham, the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will host 300 exclusively selected companies who will exhibit the latest technology, products and services that will enable social care businesses to grow and generate a sustainable business model that can uphold and improve the level of care they offer.

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