The Women Leading Care to Sustainability


International Women’s Day was first observed back in 1911, and has since grown into a powerful day to recognise the incredible work done by women across the world. There are few sectors in the world that represent the incredible work done by women as that of care. The sector is currently being moulded and shaped into a sustainable social care business that embraces the intimate and complex personal needs of individual service users in order to deliver outstanding care. Whilst the mainstream news will paint a bleak picture of the industry struggling to meet the growing demand from an older population, there remains truly positive momentum within the sector. This momentum is down to the tireless work being done by the amazing professionals at the forefront of the sector.

This year’s Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will be using its platform as the UK’s leading trade show for the care sector to shine a spotlight on these individuals. With the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day being #BalanceForBetter, Joanne Lockwood’s attendance and seminar at the event will be a true highlight of the event. Joanne Lockwood is a pioneer for transgender women not just in the care industry but across all businesses, and her work to make transgender workers and care service users feel recognised and appreciated is changing the industry for the better. The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo is proud to give her the platform to discuss a contemporary topic that will become a key feature in delivering outstanding care in the future.  

Another person helping improve the standards of care across the country is Alison Murray, whose expertise and current position of Head of Inspection for London for the CQC make her a true expert in the sector. Her work is essential, and with her taking the lead for dementia care for the CQC Adult Social Care Directorate it makes her an unrivalled well of knowledge for the future of dementia care in the UK. Her work devising the Short Observational Framework for Inspection also means that her input into the sector is used frequently, and makes her impact on the standards of the industry truly immeasurable.

The work being done by Alison Murray and the CQC is only bolstered by the steady and sure rise in-home care services. Bridget Warr CBE has been called the leading voice in-home care, and rightly so given her work with UKHCA, who are working in association with the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo. It was revealed in the Care Choice Gap report that 71% of people want to see the end of their time in their home, showing that there is a trend of public demand for home care services. Bridget Warr CBE recognises this massive public want and is positioning UKHCA to be a true leader in meeting this demand. The UKHCA is an incredible organisation and having the chance to hear Bridget Warr CBE will prove just how integral she is in the implementation of outstanding home care services for all.

Vic Rayner is another key figure within the social care sector whose contribution cannot be understated. Vic Rayner has been a key player across many organisations and is currently executive director for the National Care Forum, as well as being Chair for Brighton and Hove Fairness Commission, and director of the London Housing Foundation. This all comes after she spent 7 years working as CEO of Sitra, a company championing excellence in housing, health, care and support. Vic Rayner has been imperative in the continued improvement of care, advocating for a better digital network between social care services in order to bridge the gaps between social and health care services.

All four of these women are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exceptional work done by women within the care sector. Across the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo Alison Murray, Bridget Warr CBE, and Vic Rayner will all be leading keynote seminars alongside their contemporaries. We wholeheartedly support the #BalanceForBetter theme that is at the centre of International Women’s Day this year.

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